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About Us

Gourmet popcorn is our passion. This is why...

At Savannah Rae's Popcorn, nothing gets us going like the crispy puff of a properly popped kernel that's been lovingly flavored with quality ingredients. 

We pride ourselves in the absolute yumm-i-ness of more than 150 gourmet popcorn flavors. No shake-on flavorings will be used here. No, sir. We use only 100% real ingredients on our popcorn. 

The woman behind the dream

Savannah Rae’s Gourmet Popcorn was named after an amazing woman, Rae McAllister. In addition to being a fabulous mother of four rowdy kids and a devoted wife, Rae enjoyed many things in life, including her family, a good round of golf, tennis with her pals and, most of all, popcorn.

This business is a tribute to Rae's love of America’s favorite snack food and a testament to everyone's love of Rae. Why Savannah? It's always been near and dear to our hearts, so we decided to combine two of the things we love in life.

Our mission at Savannah Rae’s Gourmet Popcorn is to share our passion for this great American snack food with everyone who walks through our door or finds us online. This is a family business and we want to make every customer feel as welcome and special when they walk through our door, just as Rae did to those who walked through hers. Customer service is as important to us as crafting a quality product.