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Custom Gifts

Here at Savannah Rae’s, not only do we offer over 150 gourmet popcorn flavors; we can also custom make a one-of-a-kind popcorn flavor just for you! We are now offering private label popcorn flavors, where you or your business can have your own unique popcorn here at Savannah Rae’s. You own the flavor, so only you can buy or distribute it! Once you create your specific branded popcorn; only YOU have access to that flavor combo. On top of that, you can make your popcorn reflect your personal or business style by making it whatever color you want!

Want a “banana hot wings” flavored popcorn? Well, we wouldn’t exactly recommend it, but we would make it for YOU and only you! Maybe you want to make your popcorn red to match your company logo: we can do that too! Everyone personalizes keychains, magnets, lanyards, and other generic gifts. but you would be a pioneer if you personalized your own popcorn. This is a one-of-a-kind product that would make the perfect custom food gift for nearly any occasion.

Private Label Popcorn for Business

Whether you’re just starting your company, or you’re looking for a way to promote your long-standing business: branding is essential. You want your name in everyone’s ears, and giving out promotional gifts in a great way to facilitate that. But people get tired of the everyday pens and coasters with your logo stamped on them. So why not create a gift that everyone will use and love: a custom food gift.
Before a holiday, after a sale, at a conference; there are endless times throughout the year that your company needs to show their appreciation to their clients or potential clients. How can you make your company more memorable than the rest? You can give something that no one else is giving, and provide a gourmet food experience that is sure to get a better reaction than: “Oh……..thanks for the pen…” A client is going to remember the company that gifted them “bacon blue raspberry” popcorn (Again, we aren’t sure if we recommend this exact combination…) in the company color.
Regardless of the occasion, your top priority as a company is to build and maintain your wonderful reputation, by any means possible. Branding through corporate gifts can remind clients just how great your service to them was. Keep them thinking about you with a custom food gift from Savannah Rae’s. Your wacky or delicious flavor and color of popcorn; is sure to get you noticed, and exhibit your brand consistency by reflecting the style of your company name or logo.

See how we've teamed up with the folks over at Edibelles to create a custom flavor for their business!

Private Label Personal Popcorn

Doesn’t it seem like there’s always a holiday or birthday coming up? Christmas is around the corner or your nephew is turning 7. Or maybe you have a bridal shower to attend AND a housewarming party; you just don’t know what to get everyone! Well, here at Savannah Rae’s, we’ve got your back. With our new private label popcorn flavoring, you can pick and choose unique, specific-to-you popcorn flavors to give as gifts, or stash for yourself (hey, we know how it is and we don’t blame you). This custom food gift fits any occasion: birthdays, holidays, congratulations, or “just because.” You will be the gifting hero for your unique and one-of-a-kind present. Go You!
Maybe cousin Jimmy is obsessed with jalapenos and his favorite dessert is a handful of Oreos. Send him a hilarious birthday gift by pairing his two favorite things! Or maybe you’d like to create a sweet and delicious stocking stuffer for your entire family; unique to them! Hand out a custom food gift that matches the theme of your bridal or baby shower: the possibilities are endless.
Whether it’s funny or sweet, wacky or just plain delicious, your private label popcorn flavor is something that nobody else can gift but you. Do away with the generic, and show your family and friends you were thinking about them with your gifting. At Savannah Rae’s we will take your creative mastermind seriously, and produce whatever weird or wonderful popcorn your heart desires. Plus, we ship everywhere in the continental US, so you can send your popcorn almost anywhere!

To design your own private label popcorn flavor, call Savannah Rae’s today!